Domestic Abuse Recovery & Prevention Programme

MySpace is an accredited community-based treatment and recovery programme for children from homes where domestic violence and abuse has occurred.

It is a 12 week group course that provides a safe and welcoming space for children who have been impacted by domestic abuse in their own homes to process, understand and manage their feelings and responses towards their experiences. The courses are delivered in community settings by Welcare workers that have been specially trained by Against Violence & Abuse (AVA). Each child’s progress and the group’s overall effectiveness are measured using My Star, an online evaluation tool, and through feedback forms from children and parents.

The children’s group is run in conjunction with a group for the non-abusing parent, intended to help reinforce the progress the children have made in the group setting continues within their home environment. It enables parents to better understand how the domestic abuse has affected their children and how they can support them through the trauma to a more positive and happy family life and future.

The course is designed to:

  • Teach children to develop a safety plan
  • Recognise and understand their feelings about the domestic abuse they have been exposed to
  • Raise their self esteem
  • Improve the relationships within their own family unit
  • Improve strategies to manage interpersonal conflict
  • Prevent abuse in future relationships
  • Support parents to understand and help their child

Next steps

To find out more about courses available in your area, please contact our local Welcare centres directly, email us at or call us on 0207 820 7910.

Download the MySpace Information Leaflet

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