Practical Support

Our work with children and families includes both emotional and practical support. We know that a holistic approach towards a family’s struggles is the most successful in helping them to move forward in their lives and work towards a better future. At our East Surrey centre we offer some practical support services that can help families get back on their feet, become more independent and improve parents’ understanding of how they can impact upon their children’s future.

Food Store

We have a small food store at our East Surrey centre for families in the greatest need. Please contact our reception on 01737 780884 to book an appointment with a worker.

Money Matters

We know how much of an impact financial struggles can have on all aspects of family life. Our workers can help you better plan your family’s budget, access debt advice and understand your benefits entitlement. To make an appointment to meet with a worker call us between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday on 01737 780 884.

You can find more information about local support and advice by visiting our Useful Links page.

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