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As you may know there will be changes this year to children’s centres and how Surrey County Council supports families.


The new approach will involve Surrey County Council focusing its resources on helping the families most in need of support, which means that some of the existing children’s centres will close and others will become Family Centres. Surrey County Council will no longer provide universal services for all families at Family Centres but other organisations, such as health visitors, may offer these at the centres and at other community venues.


You can use the Family Information Directory to find universal and other services, support groups, activities, events and more.


The changes will take place at different times across Surrey’s 11 districts and boroughs, so to make sure families can find out what is happening in their area the district and borough pages on the Family Information Service website will be regularly updated from April. They will provide information about when current activities offered at children’s centres will close and where Family Centres will open.


In addition there is a new page on the website which provides information about the final proposals that were agreed by Surrey County Council’s Cabinet. This also has a link to the results of the consultation that was undertaken to get views and suggestions on the draft proposals.



From pregnancy through to primary school, Sure Start Children’s Centres support children and their families.

To find out more regarding the consultation by Surrey County Council on Children’s Centres click here.

In addition to our family support service, our Welcare centre in Redhill provides a children’s centre with services and activities tailored to local needs. We offer services for everyone, but especially for families at those times when life is a bit of a struggle. You are always welcome to drop in and see what we have to offer you and your family.

Click on the image below to see the full size programme.

Spring 2019 Programme

Spring 2019 Programme - Inside

Spring 2019 Programme - Back Page


Click here if you think you live closer to another Children’s Centre.

We provide a number of services that support children with special educational needs and disability (SEND). Here is more information on our Special Educational Needs and Disability Offer.

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