Tom & Laura’s Story

Tom had a seasonal job and although he had never had much trouble finding work in the past, in the autumn he began to struggle finding contract jobs. With Christmas fast approaching, Tom and Laura’s fears began to grow about how they would manage to pay the rent and feed their children. A three week delay in receiving their benefits then left the family at rock bottom. With very little food to eat the family found themselves both cold and hungry, without the money to heat their home. Laura said they felt like “the forgotten family”, until a Housing Advisor told them about Welcare. The Welcare team prioritised their needs, immediately putting some money into their heating and providing emergency food. From their first introduction to Welcare, Tom and Laura already felt so much better, saying “It was as if a weight had been lifted. The weekly contact with Welcare just made things seem more positive”.

With Christmas approaching Welcare was able to help with presents, inviting Tom and Laura to choose some gifts for their children from our collection of donated toys. However, perhaps the best Christmas present of all was that Welcare successfully sourced funding from a local charitable trust to provide carpet to cover the bare living room floor and paint to brighten up the room, just in time for Christmas. “It was so good to see the children being able to sit on the floor to unwrap their presents on Christmas Day,” says Laura. Tom has now been able to focus on finding a new job. The family’s future is looking much better, and they will always be grateful for Welcare’s intervention at a time when no one else was there.

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