Rosangela’s Story

Rosangela came to England from her native Brazil, dreaming of a better life for her family. Sadly, as her husband became increasingly abusive, her dream turned into a nightmare. The physical injuries she suffered at her husband’s hands left her unable to lift her three year old son, as well as mentally and emotionally scarred. Witnessing his father’s abuse also left her seventeen year old son with behavioural issues and poor school performance.

Welcare worked with Rosangela and her two sons to help address their struggles; supporting her once she had left her husband, assisting her to access language courses to improve her English, and working with both her sons to improve their behaviour issues and their understanding of domestic abuse, and to help strengthen their relationship with their mother.

The reward for us and for our donors is the words from service users like Rosangela, who says of Welcare: “It was the first time I found a place like that. I did not trust any organisation – things were just on paper, nothing in practice.  When I came here everything was practical – not just words…when I came I was in the dark, now I have light.” Donations such as yours will enable us to help more people like Rosangela and her family to empower themselves and improve their lives for a better future.

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