Our work with families

  • Charlotte's Story

    Children’s Services referred mum Charlotte to us when she was struggling with her son Alfie’s challenging behaviour. This included extreme tantrums which would last for hours until Charlotte gave in to what he wanted.

  • Bethany's Story

    Bethany was referred to Welcare having witnessed domestic violence towards her mother perpetrated by Bethany’s father.

  • Carly's Story

    Carly, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, was referred to Welcare with her overwhelmed mum - struggling with 5 sleep deprived children in temporary housing.

  • Joshua's Story

    Joshua, aged 4, was referred to our Every Child a Talker Course by his school. He was in reception class and both the school and his parents were concerned about his speech and language development.

  • Zack's Story

    When 8 year old Zack’s mum Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer, their life was turned upside-down. Welcare matched Zack with a mentor while Anne underwent treatment.

  • Euan’s Story

    Kayleigh and her son Euan (22 months) were referred to Welcare by their health visitor. Kayleigh was a young mum experiencing a range of physical and mental health difficulties, struggling to meet Euan's needs.

  • Emily's Story

    Emily came to us as a young single mother struggling in her new role. Watch her video.

  • Eva's Story

    Eva came to us aged nine years old from a volatile, unstable background. Her mother had moved the family away to a new area so they could start a new life for themselves.

  • Hayley's Story

    Single mum Hayley originally referred her son to us for a MySpace course but it soon became evident that she needed extra support to cope with lockdown and anxieties around Covid-19.

  • Ruby's Story

    Ruby came to us having been diagnosed with selective mutism. One of our Family Support Workers shares her journey helping Ruby to come out of her shell.