Family Stories

  • Clare's Story

    Clare is a single mother with a two year old daughter. She came to Welcare for support and talks about her experience.

  • Emily's Story

    Emily came to us as a young single mother struggling in her new role. Watch her video.

  • Eva's Story

    Eva came to us aged nine years old from a volatile, unstable background. Her mother had moved the family away to a new area so they could start a new life for themselves.

  • Tom & Laura's Story

    Tom and Laura found themselves in an unexpected situation when Tom lost his job over the Christmas period.

  • Polly's Story

    As a single mother with little support network, Polly was determined to keep family life as normal as possible for her three boys after her diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • Kate's Story

    Kate had spent much of her life in care because of her parents’ drug and alcohol problems, and was struggling to cope raising her 8 month old daughter alone.