Group Assistant

We deliver a number of groups for parents and children. After an initial period of one to one sessions with our support workers the child or parent may attend a group programme. The groups are interactive and combine being fun with exploring and tackling deeper issues in a supportive environment. Some of our groups include MySpace, supporting children who have experienced abuse in the home, and OurPlace, a drop-in for children aged 11-13 helping with wellbeing and confidence, friendships and relationships and much more. The groups normally last for a school term. The Group Assistant’s role includes preparing for and joining in with the activities.

Family Helper

Family Helpers are matched with a parent or carer for up to three months. They meet in the family home once a week to help with practical tasks. Family Helpers are volunteers who are happy to roll up their sleeves and work alongside a parent or carer, exploring together ways to improve their home environment and can make a radical difference to a family’s life. Families have informed us that they are often fearful of agencies coming into their homes but feel they can trust their Helper and be themselves. Some families are aware of the changes they need to make but struggle without practical support. Some of our families report finding it intrusive and demotivating when agencies visit them every few weeks to impart advice without being on hand to help them achieve these changes. Separating weekly practical support from social work really helps to establish trust and creates a more open, honest relationship. Family Helpers are matched with a family for a period of three months. After three months, the Helper is matched with a new family. Family Helpers report on a regular basis to the Family Support Worker.

Family Support Assistant

A Family Support Assistant works in close partnership with the Family Support Worker. They will be tasked with addressing a specific issue with which the family needs assistance. The Family Support Assistant will often possess a higher level of experience of working with families and participates in a comprehensive training programme. Their role may include helping to take the parent to appointments, liaising with other agencies, working directly with the family to help prepare them for key meetings and encouraging them to plan, prioritise and organise. They will also support the Family Support Worker in case management.

Child Mentor

A volunteer is matched with a child and meets with them once every two weeks for a year to engage in positive and fun activities. By giving a few hours of their time every two weeks, a mentor is able to make a positive impact on a child’s life. We have in place an internal referral system allowing our support workers to identify the children who would benefit from a mentor. A mentor is able to build upon the positive developments achieved in group sessions. A mentor complements the work of the parent enabling the child to build their confidence and engage in new activities. A mentor ensures the child continues to receive regular one to one engagement with Welcare.

Admin Officer

Admin Officers are volunteers who support the running of the office. This may include archiving, responding to correspondence, maintaining the office diary and answering the telephone.

Admin Assistant

An Admin Assistant provides basic administrative support. This might include answering the phones, typing minutes, filing or circulating emails, newsletters and other communications to our supporters.

Community Volunteers

Community Volunteers provide help and basic support to our staff in our Children’s Centre in Redhill. They may volunteer on an ad-hoc basis or prefer a more regular pattern. Activities can include: basic help in the office, organising meeting or activities rooms, helping organise refreshments at a Parent Drop-in, sorting clothes or food collections, as well as non-regular admin support, such as helping with display boards or mass mail-outs.

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