CapeAbility is a campaign founded on the idea that every child has the potential to be their own superhero.

The #CapeAbility campaign is centred around the three key themes of Thrive, Care & Inspire. Using the theme of capes and superheroes, it appeals to children and works creatively with popular culture in a world where children are often the smallest and least powerful.

The campaign shows how Welcare can help children to thrive through work to build emotional well-being; to care, through a focus on mutual respect and positive relationships; so that children can go on to inspire their peers and families to have healthy relationships.

For over 125 years Welcare has worked with families and children, providing the support they need to overcome challenges, and to learn the skills they need to become more resilient.

Thrive, Care & Inspire

We are proud to empower children and their families to:


recognise their own strengths in order to succeed and overcome challenges


be compassionate and kind, and process their emotions in helpful and healthy ways


bring out the best in others, so that they can be heroes too!


Fundraise with CapeAbility

In churches, CapeAbility can be tied in with themes from the Bible such as caring, growing and teaching. Read more about CapeAbility for churches below.

CapeAbility for churches


In schools, the themes of CapeAbility can be introduced through lesson plans and assemblies and work alongside focus topics including British Values of  democracy; The Rule of Law; Individual liberty; and mutual respect and tolerance.

We have put together a selection of resources to make it easy for schools to take part in fundraising for Welcare through our CapeAbility campaign. Read more about CapeAbility for Schools by clicking the button below.

CapeAbility for schools

If you are a headteacher, and want to take part in CapeAbility for Schools 2020, please register your interest and we will be in touch.

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