CapeAbility is a campaign founded on the idea that every child has the potential to be their own superhero.

The #CapeAbility campaign is centred around the key themes of mental health qualities such as #Thrive #Care #Inspire.

The campaign uses the metaphors of capes and super heroes to encourage children to thrive, to care and to inspire others and to recognise their own individual strengths and talents, and so become superheroes themselves. We incorporated the topic of superheroes to provide an innovative and exciting way to enable children to develop resilience and to teach them how to look after their emotional and mental wellbeing. Anglican and Methodist schools will be able to use these lessons as part of their SIAMS assessment.

The campaign shows how Welcare can help children to thrive through work to build emotional well-being; to care, through a focus on mutual respect and positive relationships; so that children can go on to inspire their peers and families to have healthy relationships.

We will be running the Campaign between 5th May, 19th June 2020, however we won’t turn you away if you would like to run it another time. We have a flexible approach in letting you make a decision about running the Campaign in a way that suits you best.

You can find more details on how you can run the Campaign, fundraising activity ideas and general superhero activities in the following document.

General #Capeability Resource


Here are two lesson plans that you can use as part of the Campaign with many activities and 2 stories in each lesson. We are developing 6 lessons altogether with 12 mental health qualities to create a scheme of work . The lesson plans can be used in schools or in Junior church, as part of a scheme of work or individually. The lessons are based on 2 stories, one Bible character and a real life example from the work of Welcare with a local child or family. The characters are portrayed as superheroes and we learn about their stories, the difficulties they faced and how they coped. Each individual story focuses on one positive mental health strength which is followed through the lesson and all the following activities are based on these strengths. As a teacher you can pick and choose which activities you would like to do and which story/stories you would like to focus on.


Moses and Carly lesson plan


David and Hope lesson plan


Fundraise with CapeAbility

In churches, CapeAbility can be used and tied in with our Bible and Welcare superhero lessons. Example lessons are above. Read more about CapeAbility for churches below.

CapeAbility for churches


In schools, the themes of CapeAbility can be introduced through lesson plans, assemblies and work alongside mental health topics such as #confidence, #resilience and #honesty.

We have put together a selection of resources to make it easy for schools to take part in fundraising for Welcare through our CapeAbility campaign. Read more about CapeAbility for Schools by clicking the button below and reading the general information document above.

CapeAbility for schools

If you are a headteacher, and want to take part in CapeAbility for Schools 2020, please register your interest and we will be in touch.

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