Regular Giving

Why do you prefer people to make regular gifts rather than one-off donations?

Regular gifts enable us to plan our work more effectively and in advance. By giving a small amount on a regular basis, you give us the confidence to commit to services in the long-term, knowing that we will have the funds available to support them into the future. Regular giving allows us to have a flexible and reliable income that we can always count on. Your monthly donations may seem like a small amount but this form of ongoing support really is the most effective way of supporting Welcare.

In terms of benefits for you as a donor, giving on a regular basis allows you to budget your support. You are able to spread the cost over a longer time period by paying smaller amounts on a monthly basis, but are still making a significant contribution to our vital work.

To become a regular giver for Welcare please visit our regular donation page.

If you don’t think regular giving is for you and would prefer to give a one-off donation please visit our single donation page.

Kindly note that due to processing costs, the minimum regular donation we can accept is £1.00.

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