Changing your details

How do I inform you of a change to my contact details?

Please use our email contact form or telephone us at 020 7820 7910 ensuring to include your full name, old details and new details clearly.

How do I inform you if my bank details have changed?

Please telephone us at 020 7820 7910 or write to us at: Welcare, 19 Frederick Crescent, London, SW9 6XN to let us know that your bank details have changed.

How do I change the amount or frequency of my regular gift?

If you set up your regular giving via our website or by sending us your credit or debit card details, please telephone us or write to us with your full name and address (including your postcode). Please let us know the new amount and the frequency that you would like to give and the date that you would like us to start collecting the new amount.

If you pay your gift by Standing Order you will need to write directly to your bank to change the amount of your regular gift, but please also let us know that you have done this.

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