Appeal Letters

Why do you send out letters asking for donations?

Direct Mail remains an effective method of fundraising and is one of the cheapest ways for charities to raise donations for their work. Appeals to individuals is a relatively new area of raising money for us. In 2016 we sent our first regular giving appeal to individuals on our database.

We do not expect all of our supporters to give to every appeal and we make every effort to ensure our letters explain the need for donations to support our work at that time but do not place excessive pressure upon our individual supporters. We want our supporters to engage Welcare in the ways that they prefer, which means we may need to communicate to demonstrate the different ways they can support our work. As well as raising money, our appeal letters are designed to be informative, and many of our supporters enjoy receiving them in order to get updates on our work.

Why do you ask for specific amounts of money in your appeals?

Many supporters like to be given an idea about what their donation would be able to fund. We therefore ask for specific amounts to act as a guide for you to decide how much to give. We are appreciative of any amount you are able to donate and your donations will always make a difference.

Are the stories and people in your appeals real people?

Yes. We always use real-life case studies of children and families that have been helped by Welcare and are keen to let others know about their experiences. We change their names to protect confidentiality, unless service users have asked us not to, and sometimes use modelled photographs, but the stories are always real.

You’ve sent me an appeal letter but I already give.

We are so grateful and appreciative of all our donors and supporters – however you support our work whatever the size of your gift. We are reliant upon donations from our supporters to ensure we can offer the services we know are needed. As a charity we are still in the very early stages of sending appeals to our supporters by direct mail. As we have not sent appeals in the past our database may not be fully up to date with your preferences yet. We think it is important that we offer all our supporters different ways to give and help. If you receive an appeal that you don’t wish to receive again please do let us know and we will mark our records accordingly. We do, for instance, want to let all our current donors know how regular giving can add a stability to our provision of services, allowing current occasional donors to become regular givers if they would like.

I already give regularly, will you still send me appeals?

We are developing the ways that we communicate with our supporters and wish to keep all our donors up to date on our work and the impacts their donations are making. We will continue to send supporters information about Welcare’s work if they are regular givers too, as many people that believe in Welcare’s work may feel able, and indeed want, to support our work with additional gifts, particularly at certain times of the year such as Christmas.

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