Our Vision, Mission & Values

Respect for people within their network of human relationships, and the recognition and fostering of community, are at the centre of Welcare’s work. We derive our values from our Anglican origins and Welcare’s continuing life as a Christian organisation, reflecting God’s love as expressed in the ministry of Jesus.

At Welcare, we therefore:

  •  place a high value on each person’s individual life and accept people as they are
  • offer services of support and care unconditionally whenever possible
  • recognise the need for each person to be loved and valued from birth so that he or she can, in turn, learn to give love and to value both self and others
  • help people to use their gifts to realise their full potential
  • stand against injustice and are on the side of the poor and disadvantaged

Welcare recognises that many of these values are shared by those of other faiths and none. We are proud of our Christian heritage, identity and strong church support and are inspired by our faith base but we do not proselytise. Welcare inspires through the example of its work. We welcome staff, volunteers and supporters of all faiths and none, who are committed to the outworking of these and other values. We unreservedly offer our services to all.

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